Many new golfers use technology like training simulations to improve their game. However, new technologies are often limited to select elite players and researchers. Sports training now captures vast data, requiring new interfaces for meaningful insights.
MaDGolf  is  a  German-based  company  that  offers  a  user-friendly  mobile  application  based  on  Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to semi-professional and aspiring golf athletes with limited access to training facilities. Our user starts by booking a tee time through Tee Times to play golf. Upon arrival at the course, they use their phone’s camera and AR View to map the golf course. After scanning, they use Putt Coach to project the ball’s path. Finally, they compare their scores with other golfers. Additional premium features are available exclusively for professional players.

Development Team: Pratiksha Manik Patil, Leo Egorov, Kartik Paliwal, Krischan Ledwig, Hana Ibrahim, Aparna Ullas.

Scrum Master : Thomas Maier, Alexander Weiß

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Partner: Machine Learning and Data Analytics Lab