The challenge is to do a completely autonomous of power lines digital door sign. Unlike traditional door signs, it’s objective is to stop interruptions that could cause loss of concentration, give information about meeting room bookings and make it easier to find people in an office building.

Using a BLE microcontroller from Nordic, and an E-paper dispaly, we aim to create a door sign that requires little to no modifications to the infrastructure of the building. It will be both used for meeting rooms and personal offices, supporting up to 4 persons in an office. The communication between the user and the screen is done via an application on both Android and iOS over WLAN. Between the App and the microcontroller stand 2 raspberry pi’s. One which represents the server and one the communicator with the devices. The door signs should be as energy efficent as possible, either using a battery, either using solar panel technology, maintainance should not take place too often.

Our goal is to make office life easier, by reducing interruptions and time lost finding a person, or searching for a meeting room. Using modern technologies we want to bring up to date a not so modern thing.

Development Team: Alexander Mahler, Georg Schwarz, Georg Wieland, Cristian-Alexandru Tanase, Anamaria Dumitrescu

Scrum Master: Nils Roth

Project Partner: Portabiles