Activity Recognition using IMU sensors integrated in Hearing Aids

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Start date: 1. October 2020

End date: 31. March 2024

Funding source: Industrie

Project Partner Website: WS Audiology




The hearing aid of the future will be more than just an amplifying device. It may be used as fitness tracker to capture the user’s movements and activity level. Furthermore, it may be used as home monitoring device assessing the user’s vital parameters, tracking the user’s activity status or detecting falls. Hearing aids are becoming more complex and most modern hearing aids are already equipped with additional sensors such as inertial sensors. Acceleration signals are analyzed with signal processing algorithms to enhance speech intelligibility and audio quality. Furthermore, inertial sensors may be used to analyze the user’s movements and physical activity. Hearing aid amplification settings may be adapted according to the current activity. Moreover, given the user's explicit consent, activity recognition enables a long-term tracking of the user’s daily activity status.

The objective of this project is to investigate automatic activity recognition based on inertial sensor data. Therefore, data of different activities will be recorded using the IMU sensor integrated in the hearing aids. The hearing aids are provided by the cooperation partner WS Audiology. Machine learning algorithms will be developed to automatically classify different activity patterns.