BioPsyKit – A Python Package for the Analysis of Biopsychological Data

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Start date: 1. September 2021


Biopsychology is a field of psychology that analyzes how biological processes interact with behaviour, emotion, cognition, and other mental processes. Biopsychology covers, among others, the topics of sensation and perception, emotion regulation, movement (and control of such), sleep and biological rhythms, as well as acute and chronic stress.

While some software packages exist that allow for the analysis of single data modalities, such as electrophysiological data, or sleep, activity, and movement data, no packages are available for the analysis of other modalities, such as neuroendocrine and inflammatory biomarkers, and self-reports. In order to fill this gap, and, simultaneously, combine all required tools for analyzing biopsychological data from beginning to end into one single Python package, we developed BioPsyKit.

Example applications of BioPsyKit

BioPsyKit is available on GitHub.