Connected Movement

Project leader:
Project members: Maike Stöve, Markus Zrenner
Start date: 1. August 2019
End date: 31. July 2021


The world is getting more and more connected. More and more devices communicate with each other and offer opportunities for various innovative services. In the scope of this project, we want to contribute to this development by creating a wearable in shoe microsystem capable of measuring the plantar pressure distribution.

The innovative aspect of this project is the applied in-sole material. The insole is based on PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) foil, which can be polarized and consequently unfolds the piezo electric effect. This effect can be used twofold:

  1. Energy harvesting: By applying pressure to the insole, electrical energy can be harvested and used to power the microsystem. Thus, shoes equipped with these kind of soles can self-sufficiently power itself and do not need to be charged.
  2. Sensor system: By measuring the pressure induced voltage, we can use the insole as a plantar pressure sensor.  Algorithms will be developed computing the absolute applied pressure, which offers the opportunity for various applications in the sports and medical field.


Fördergeber: VDI/VDE-IT

Partner: adidas, Fraunhofer IIS, Nowofol, Mühlbauer