stress+ – A web framework for the Remote Induction of Acute Psychosocial Stress

Repeated exposure to acute psychosocial stress and the associated stimulation of biological stress pathways over a period of time can promote the transition from acute to chronic stress. Acute stress responses are typically investigated using established laboratory stress protocols. However, established laboratory stress protocols are limited in their ability to be repeatedly used due to the high demand for personnel and resources, which highlights the need for novel approaches that can be conducted remotely and on a larger scale.

For that reason, we introduce stress+. It is a web application that offers a collection of elements for stress induction and amplification that can be arranged into custom stress pipelines and distributed via web link. Our aim with stress+ is to provide researchers with a digital tool for biopsychological research and encourage researchers to share their stress induction pipelines with the community.

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Overview of the stress+ workflow for remote stress induction