Biomechanical Assessment of Big Wave Surfing

Project leader:
Project members:
Start date: 1. June 2022
End date: 31. May 2025
Funding source: Siemens Healthineers


The goal of this project is to develop experimental approaches and simulation methods for biomechanical assessment of big wave surfing. This goal will be addressed in collaboration with Sebastian Steudtner and Siemens Healthineers. The methods include, but are not limited to, biomechanical movement analysis, musculoskeletal simulation, and sensor fusion.

The focus of the research activities will be centered on:

  • Development of a measurement approach for biomechanical assessment of big wave surfing
  • Development of efficient and accurate data processing combining inputs from several sensor systems
  • Design of a biomechanical simulation model that reflects the situation during surfing
  • Analysis of biomechanical measurements and simulation outcomes to provice advice for big wave surfer to improve performance.