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We always have open topics for Bachelor and Master Theses, Forschungspraktika, Hochschulpraktika and Master Projects and also open positions for student work (HiWi positions). You can find most of them listed in the tables below. If you do not find a suitable topic in there we would still like to encourage you to contact us and tell us about your ideas.

Please use the contact form below to apply for any of the listed topics, open positions or to propose your own topic. We will then get in contact with you.

Open Research Topics

[B] = More suited for a Bachelor’s Thesis
[M] = More suited for a Master’s Thesis
[P] = More suited for a Project
[I] = Implementation Task (for Computer Science “Master Project” or Medical Engineering “Research Internship” (Forschungspraktikum))

Thesis ID Scope Topic Area Supervisor
1927 I/P StereoViper – 3D stimuli for assessment and training of stereoacuity HCI, Computer Graphics Wolfgang Mehringer (M. Sc.)
2003 P/I Assessing the Effect of Neurofeedback based Training in Virtual Reality HCI Markus Wirth (M. Sc.)
2012 M Digital phenotyping of chronic pain patients undergoing neuromodulation
(in cooperation with the Medical Faculty, Neurosurgery)
Data Analysis,
Machine Learning,
Biomedical Signal Analysis
Dr.-Ing. Felix Kluge
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas M. Kinfe
2014 M/B/P/I Approximation of physical based LIDAR simulation in Blensor using Deep Learning Machine Learning, Simulation Franz Köferl (M. Sc.)
2019 B Influence of gait assessment length on disease classification and hospital outcome measures Gait Analysis, Machine Learning Malte Ollenschläger (M. Sc.)
Matthias Zürl (M. Sc.)
Dr.-Ing. Felix Kluge
2020 B/M/P/I Investigation of a Blockchain-based service network for digitalisation of the maternity log (Mutterpass) in the German healthcare system. Focus is on consumer-to-(healthcare-)provider transactions and verifications and anonymous information storage of the maternity log contents on the Blockchain using smart contracts. Digital Health Stefan Gradl (M. Sc.)
Michael Nissen (M. Sc.)
Dr. rer. nat. Hanna Hübner (Frauenklinik, UK Erlangen)
2023 I/P/M “Mixed-Type and Irregularly Sampled Time Series Analysis” – Such data includes for example electronic health records (EHR) or combined sensor and event log data. Tasks include the extension of RNN architectures to deal with such data efficiently. Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis An Nguyen (M. Sc.)
2025 B/P/M Adoption of AI in SMEs – Perspective of industry experts in the framework of a qualitative-empirical study Artificial Intelligence, Innovation Management Philipp Dumbach (M. Sc.)
2027 P/I Requirements Engineering and Market Research for Pregnancy and Maternity Mobile Apps Digital Health Michael Nissen (M. Sc.)
Stefan Gradl (M. Sc.)
Dr. rer. nat. Hanna Hübner (Frauenklinik, UK Erlangen)
2028 P/I Implementing a reference algorithm for anomaly segmentation using the MVTec AD dataset Machine Learning, Deep Learning Franz Köferl (M. Sc.)
2029 B/M Using speech recognition techniques for the application of online handwriting recognition using a sensor enhanced pen Machine Learning, Deep Learning Mohamad Wehbi (M. Sc.)
2030 M Classification of localized defects on silicon carbide (SiC) wafers using domain adaptation techniques Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Domain Adaptation Matthias Zürl (M. Sc.),
Franz Köferl (M. Sc.),
Intego GmbH
2031 M Development of models for the analysis of IMU sensor data for writing trajectory reconstruction using Neural Networks Machine Learning, Deep Learning Mohamad Wehbi (M. Sc.)
2032 B/M Adaptation of adult character recognition algorithms to data from kids Machine Learning, Deep Learning Mohamad Wehbi (M. Sc.)
2033 I / M Clustering of disease trajectories and prediction of outcomes from large real-world datasets Digital Health, Machine Learning Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research Translational Medicine
2034 P/I SMART Start: Digitising and improving prenatal and maternal care through the use of wearables and machine learning Digital Health, Machine Learning Michael Nissen (M. Sc.)
Stefan Gradl (M. Sc.)
Dr. rer. nat. Hanna Hübner (Frauenklinik, UK Erlangen)
2035 B/M Machine learning for systems biology – Molecular profiling of IBD patients for prediction and monitoring of response to targeted therapies Digital Health,
Machine Learning,
Systems Biology
Prof. Dr. Björn Eskofier
Prof. Dr. Raja Atreya
(UK Erlangen)
2036 B/M Clustering of Stride Types on Free-living Gait Data in Parkinson’s Disease Machine Learning, Gait Analysis Nils Roth (M. Sc.)
2037 M “How do you move when you’re stressed?” – Analysis of motion patterns and behavior during acute psychosocial stress
(in cooperation with Chair of Health Psychology, FAU)
Data Analysis,
Machine Learning,
Motion Analysis,
Health Psychology
Robert Richer (M. Sc.)
Arne Küderle (M. Sc.)
Dr.-Ing. Felix Kluge
Prof. Dr. Nicolas Rohleder
2038 P/I Implementation of HMM-based gait analysis pipeline in Python Gait Analysis, Machine Learning Malte Ollenschläger (M. Sc.)
Dr.-Ing. Felix Kluge

Student Assistant Jobs

Job ID Topic Area Supervisor
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