Goal of this project is to track visitors of the “Deutsches Museum” in Nürnberg who unconsciously give their agreement and confront them at the end of their visit with the tracked data in a way, that is supposed to make them think about giving away their data easily. A further goal would be to actually evaluate the collected data to answer certain questions such as which exhibit is visited the most, etc.
To accomplish this task, a suitable tracking technology has to be found with which a first prototype can be modelled. Software will be needed to adjust the data input to our needs, fit the technology to the layout of the “Deutsches Museum” and develop a user interface to be able to confront the visitors with their collected data. Brainstorming over what kind of data should be collected and evaluated and research about the used technology and usability will be necessary.
The project is scheduled for one semester in which a mostly working prototype should be the outcome of our work. To achieve good results and reach our vision, agile development will be used with weekly scrum meetings and close contact to the product owner to assure durable consent at all times.

Team: Maximilian Wehner, Beeke Kirsch, Alexander Langhojer, Katharina Fehn, Adam Wagenhäuser, Marvin Lunz

Project Partner: Deutsches Museum

Scrum Master: Nils Roth