Visually impaired and blind people manage their daily routine by using auxiliary devices like a white cane. Various applications are already tested to equip a blind person’s cane with different features.

Our idea includes using advanced technology paired with a common cane to support the investigation of the environment in a blind’s life. Ultrasonic sensors detect ambient barriers and within a smart system visually challenged people will get feedback through vibration attached to backpack’s loops to be navigated around obstacles which are difficult to sense with a white cane.

This system can be used by active visually impaired and blind people who are openminded to tech affine features. Their daily activities will be supported in a safer and fearless way which includes an increase of quality of life. Obstacles in a certain height are not detectable easily by a white cane and that problem causes a lot of accidents. We want to offer a system with an optimized angle, height and distance detection.


Team: Varun Tharmalingam, Jennifer Kurz, Natalia Pryakhina, André Hunger

Scrum Master: Malte Ollenschläger, Christine Martindale

Partner: Birne7, Langstockschulung

Publication: A wearable obstacle detection system for visually impaired people