Tracking in the Deutsche Museum Nürnberg

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Development of a GDPR compliant Tracking System

The project considers two main aspects. For one the development of a GDPR compliant tracking solution of visitors in the context of a museums visit. Beside tracking the 2D position on a floorplan, also personal parameters like height, weight, etc. shall be estimated and aggregated in a GDPR compliant way. Especially, emotions are of interest, because the goal is to estimate, how well a museum piece received, and why that is the case. 

A exceptional challenging part is the GDPR compliancy. To this end, as the person confirms to take part in the data sharing, several pictures of a person are taken and used for later reidentifcation to keep collected data respectively. To this end a new method for real-time person reidentifcation has to be developed.

Visitor analysis in the Deutsche Museum Nürnberg

The second aspect of this project covers the collection and analysis of the data. To this end, the developed system is deployed in the museum and used for data collection purposes. To ensure correct function, a study in a closed setting is performed. Especially, exploration of the data and correlation of indicual parameters are of interest. Is there a correlation between a persons age and their field of interest?  e.g. does 20 year old man – in general – prefer technology related to space? To this end a long-term data collection – under strict GDPR compliancy – is performed and used as a base for analysis.