Project Description:

The twenty-first century is a wake-up call and draws attention to climate change. There are diesel-free zones in the cities, electromobility is becoming more and more the focus and there is an urgent search for alternative environmentally friendly means of transport. For more eco-friendly traffic, it is also important to have intelligent traffic management at intersections either in order to adapt traffic to cyclists and thus making cycling more attractive, or shortening the waiting time at traffic lights with the car engine running.

The aim of our group TrafFix is to build a traffic monitoring system which can be installed on intersections that analyzes and visualizes the traffic flow. In the end, this product will aid traffic or urban planning institutions to create faster and more efficient city transitions.

How do we want to achieve this? Video recordings at intersections are used to collect and evaluate data on traffic volume. Currently, the data collection and evaluation is done manually, which is very time-consuming. The process is to be automated, thus saving time and money and offering the possibility to evaluate more data at once. Traffic institutions can use this data to enhance traffic signal timing to better adapt to the real traffic conditions.

The project is running in cooperation with the city of Erlangen and their aim is to use the data to make the traffic lights at intersections more bicycle-friendly. The long-term goal for our team is that the system will also be used in other cities with more developed optimization techniques.

Development Team: Luise Brock, Issa Issa, Christopher Kraus, Anil Bora Yayak, Katja Kossira, Shruthi Rajasekar

Scrum Master: Ann-Kristin Seifer, Kai Klede

Partner: Stadt Erlangen