Waiting times of several hours are not uncommon in emergency rooms (ER), especially during nighttime and on weekends. Overcrowded ERs make it difficult to prioritize medical attention, which leads to stressed staff, dissatisfied patients and an increased morbidity.
The goal of the SmartER project is to optimize the workflow in the emergency departments by developing a smart wearable that provides information about the health status and location of the patients to the medical staff via a specifically designed user interface. With the collected information, the system will be able to prioritize patients that urgently need medical aid.


Team: Laura Pfaff, Anna-Louisa Cirtautas, Marcel Erpenbeck, Lena Janousek, Nina Scharzmayr, Melanie Kienberger

Partner: University Hospital – Kinderklinik

Scrum Master: Marlies Nitschke