The twenty-first century is characterized by digitalization and technological advances which are designed to make our lives easier. For example, cell phones can send messages in real time, retrieve information from the web, and record our movement. Likewise, wearables are used by both, amateurs as well as professionals, to track and further improve their performance. However, what is pure optimization for competitive athletes can offer a great deal of freedom for people with visual impairments. Because although para swimming has been offered at the Paralympics since 1960, the top athletes among them still rely on their coach’s help.

The aim of the Swimolution project is therefore to give visual impaired people the opportunity to swim independently. The focus is placed on the guided swimming of lanes, without constant groping for the edge of the pool or the swimming boundaries. We intend to make it possible for blind people to reach their best time as well. In order to realize this, we want to design a camera-based solution that recognizes the lane markings and provides auditory feedback to help the swimmer stay on track. Likewise, another sensor system will guide the swimmer back to the entry ladder as quick as possible. With our cooperation partner Birne7, we want to achieve the goal of giving as many people as possible a freer swimming experience, and at the same time contribute a small part to inclusion.


Development Team: Luisa Dörflinger, Antonia Steger, Patricio Caballero, Ronja Grigull, Bhaskar Jyoti Gogoi, Harsh Pandey

Scrum Master: Kai Klede, Ann-Kristin Seifer

Partner: Birne7