SFB – Smart Foosball Table

On fairs, the main goal of exhibitors is attracting people to promote their products. There are different ways how to attract people. One of those ways is attracting people by providing interesting demonstrators. The goal of this project was to develop such an interesting, digital demonstrator: a smart foosball table.

The final foosball table had several features that made it not only interesting, but also more challenging to play:

– Ball tracking via video
– Goal detection via light barrier
– Customizable LED stripes for celebrations
– Adjustable goal sizes (handicap mode)
– Different game modes for enhanced experience


Development Team: Armin Helmberg, Anselm Hochschild, Daniel Andreas, Jovana Zlatanovic, Gabriel Ehlert, Ahameed Sidheek

Scrum Master: Martin Ullrich, Maike Stöve

Partner: Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern, Original Leonhart