Project Description:
We are creating a high-tech sleeping mask that will be a combination of different biosignal sensors accompanied by a deep learning-based application. This mask will be used for monitoring the sleep quality and other health status of the users. The filtered data from the sensors will be sent to an external API to be processed by deep learning models to give more insights into the sleeping habits of the user.

To provide a more comfortable sleeping experience we will be experimenting with different kinds of fabrics. Chosen fabric will encapsulate our biosensors and additionally prevent users from being exposed to the internal mechanics of the mask.

The main goal of this project is to create better sleeping conditions for the users as well as provide regular and accurate insights about the user’s sleeping patterns and other health statuses.

Development Team: Batuhan Oguz, Antonia Bortolazzi, Abul Kasem, Mohammad Zunayed, Sebastian Wiederhold, Souptik Sen, Deepak Bhandari

Scrum Master: Misha Sadeghi

Partner: Lenz Schlafprojekte