Currently many children are struggling with handwriting, which causes problems at school. On the other hand, parents would like to help but they usually do not have the knowledge to rate the writing performance. Furthermore, it would be necessary to suggest the correct exercises to improve the current writing deficits.

At this point FLASH, a combination of a sensor equipped pen and an Android application, can be used to train the writing skills.

The exercises were selected according to the latest research. The children are motivated by gamification. After each exercise they are rated by taking a picture of the exercise and by an evaluation of the sensor data. The combination of these two data sources allows an objective feedback for parents, children and teachers and will improve the childrens’ writing skills.


Development Team: Anna Werner, Robert Schleicher, Marc Müller, Ingwer Andersen

Scrum Master: Mathias Maurer, Markus Zrenner

Partner: Stabilo