Smart City Greens


Our mission is to create a green city, where a healthy environment increases the life quality of our and future generations. Parks and greenery distributed over the city provide us with recreational places and enhance our air quality.
Taking care of only one single tree is expensive in time and resources. Due to a more extreme climate with longer heat periods, particularly young trees are endangered and require additional maintenance.
Our proposition is an innovative smart city concept. By setting up a state-of-the-art low power wide area network, we create a grid of sensor nodes to monitor recently planted trees across the whole urban area. This allows us to precisely schedule large-scale watering and plant-care missions of aborists. Due to this intelligent watering sensor systems time and resources of city administrations and operatives are efficiently utilized and the risk of tree dieback is minimized.
As a result, we can enjoy greener cities, a place worth living.



Partner: City of Erlangen

Scrum Master: Johannes Link, Matthias Zürl