Team Assistants

Scientific Staff and PhD Candidates


Current Students

Benedikt Mader

Master's Thesis

Design Matters: The Impact of Soft Factors on Adherence to Wearable Devices in Medical Trials

Carlos Herrera

Master's Thesis

Machine Learning-based Sleep Staging from Contactless Vital Sign Radars

Charlotte von Roznowski

Bachelor's Thesis

Decoding the Hidden Language of Stress: Analyzing Speech Patterns as a Tool for Stress Detection

Elena Baumeister

Bachelor's Thesis

Preprocessing and Standardization Techniques for Comparative Analysis of Fetal ECGs: A step towards Detecting Congenital Heart Defects

Fabian Hirn

Bachelor's Thesis

Investigating the Expected Goals Metric using Biomechanical Features gained from Pose Estimation

Jan Simerda

Master's Thesis

Sharing Medical Trial Data in Federated Gaia-X Data Spaces

Janne Teschke

Bachelor's Thesis

Gait and Independence: Investigating the Relations between Gait Parameters, Barthel Index, and Hospitalization in Patients with Sarcopenia

Julia Jorkowitz

Bachelor's Thesis

Systematic Benchmarking of Pre-Ejection Period Extraction Algorithms

Mario Krause

Master's Thesis

Create and evaluate a predictive model for engagement drop-off for digital health applications

Moritz Kraus

Master's Thesis

Enhancing Recruitment Processes through AI-Powered chatbots: A Study on User Experience, Skill Validation, and Process Efficiency

Moumita Chakraborty

Master's Thesis

Are click explorations a valid alternative to eye tracking?

Nelles Lid

Bachelor's Thesis

Using mobile phones to present medical information to hospital patients

Paula Limmer

Bachelor's Thesis

Development and Evaluation of an Application for Patient-Specific Contrast Media Computation in CT Scans

Robert Schröter

Master's Thesis

Improving the CARWatch Framework for Objective Cortisol Awakening Response Assessment

Ronald Gate

Master's Thesis

Exploring Cyberchondria in Pregnant Women: A Comprehensive Investigation and Analysis

Saloni Jethwa

Master's Thesis

Classification of hand motion patterns in inflammatory arthritis patients using machine learning

Sangeetha Chelottillam

Master's thesis

Machine learning analysis of factors affecting motivation and performance in recreational running

Sayantani Sensharma

Master's Thesis

Analyzing Tools and Conceptual Models for Event Log Extraction from Relational Enterprise Database Systems

Simon Meske

Master's Thesis

Improving the Robustness of Heart Rate Estimation from Continuous-Wave Radar Data using a Wavelet-based Approach and Deep Learning

Stephan Geisler

Master's Thesis

Designing and training foundation models for positioning applications

Susann Schröter

Master's Thesis

EMG normalization methods to assess lower limb muscle activity differences between HSP patients and healthy controls: A pilot study

Terumi Hauser

Master's Thesis

Feasibility and Accuracy of Over-Ear PPG Measurements using an Aviation Headset

Yannis Maag

Bachelor's Thesis

Deep Learning-based Activity Recognition in Soccer Using IMUs

Past Students

The past students and their projects are listed on a separate page.