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Anh Tuan Nguyen, M. Sc.

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Christine Martindale, M. Sc.

Eva Dorschky, M. Sc.

Felix Kluge, M. Sc.

Franz Köferl, M. Sc.

Ivanna Timotius, M. Sc.

Jennifer Maier, M. Sc.

Julius Hannink, M. Sc.

Dr. Lisa Walter, PhD

Maike Stöve, M. Sc.

Malte Ollenschläger, M. Sc.

Markus Wirth, M. Sc.

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Martin Ullrich, M. Sc.

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Ring

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Nils Roth, M. Sc.

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Blank

Philipp Dumbach, M. Sc.

Robert Richer, M. Sc.

Sebastian Wankerl, M. Sc.

Stefan Gradl, M. Sc.

Wolfgang Mehringer, M. Sc.

  • Leonie Pflaum
    SS 18 – WS 18/19, Bachelor Thesis, Development and Evaluation of Embedded Classification and Intelligent Sensor Management for Power Saving in Wearable Sensor Systems
  • Navid Roux
    SS 18 – WS 18/19, Bachelor Thesis, Visualization of Biomechanical Parameters Using SCAPE
  • Jannis Wolf
    SS 18 – WS 18/19, Bachelor Thesis, Learning of Synthesized Inertial Sensor Data for Human Movement Analysis
  • Katrin Raab
    SS 18, Master Thesis, Prediction of maneuvers in traffic as a sequence of Interactions utilizing Machine Learning
  • Sophia Leierseder
    SS 18, Bachelor Thesis, Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement During Daily-life Activities Using Pulse Transit Time
  • Michael Hopfengärtner
    SS 18 – WS 18/19, Master Thesis, An open-source sensor platform for analysis of group dynamics
  • Christoph Feldner
    SS 18, Bachelor Thesis, Real-Time terrain classification using inertial sensor data
  • Tim Hamann
    SS 18, Master Thesis, Recognition of basic letter elements during handwriting with Deep Learning
  • Antonia Popp
    SS 18, Bachelor Thesis, Towards a Mixed Reality Cardiology Workplace
  • Rebecca Felsheim
    SS 18, Bachelor Thesis, Power-aware on-line gait-analysis on shoe-mounted inertial sensor
  • Philipp Joneck
    SS 18, Bachelor Thesis, Development and Evaluation of Activity Recognition Algorithms Using Foot Worn Inertial Sensors During Home-Monitoring Applications
  • Philipp Schlieper
    WS 17/18 – SS 18, Master Thesis, The Effects of Sub-Sensory Mechanical Foot Sole Stimulation on Postural Control of Healthy Recreational Athletes
  • Jean-Phillip Schaller
    SS 18, Bachelor Thesis, Embedded Signal Processing and Classification on an Instrumented Table Tennis Racket
  • Veronika Koch
    WS 17/18 – SS 18, Bachelor Thesis, Evaluation of Inertial Sensor Based Orientation Estimation for Sports Applications
  • Daniel Martin
    WS 17/18 – SS 18, Bachelor Thesis, Probabilistic Ball Contact Detection in Soccer
  • Hannes Schreiter
    WS 17/18 – SS 18, Bachelor Thesis, Inertial Sensor Based Analysis of Mountain Biking
  • Valerie Wiedemann
    WS 17/18, Master Thesis, Biofeedback based stress reduction in mental health applications
  • Luisa Theelke
    WS 17/18, Bachelor Thesis, Application for Augmented Reality in Soccer Training
  • Robin Backhaus
    WS 17/18 – SS 18, Master Thesis, From Idea to Realisation – Student Software Projects at Universities
  • Sebastian Fichte
    WS 17/18 – SS 18, Master Thesis, Design and Implementation of an Interface for a Community-based Learning Platform
  • Frauke Wilm
    WS 17/18, Bachelor Thesis, Entwicklung einer Android-basierten Smartphone Applikation zur Prognostizierung von Migräneattacken
  • Katharina Full
    SS 17, Master Thesis, Good Learning – Analyzing Meetings of Sloan Fellows (in cooperation with MIT Media Lab)