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Irene Steinheimer

Room: Room 01.017
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PhD Candidates

Current Students

Dinesh Parthasarathy

Master's Thesis

Safe Monte Carlo Tree Search using Learned Safety-Critics

Jacob Fidorra

Master's Thesis

Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Clinical Assistance in Palliative Care

Janis Zenkner

Master's Thesis

Towards Generalizable Functional Connectome Fingerprinting using Siamese Neural Networks

Jiayi Ning

Master's Thesis

Investigating gait kinematics and kinetics at different step frequencies

Jonas Beyer

Master's Thesis

Unsupervised Polar Bear Re-Identification

Juliane Hoffmann

Bachelor's Thesis

Annotation-efficient learning of surgical instrument activity

Luca Abel

Master's Thesis

Machine Learning-Based Detection of Acute Psychosocial Stress from Dynamic Movements

Maximilian Vogel

Master's Thesis

A Compressed Deep Learning Model for Human Activity Recognition (HAR) Using the Hearing Aid Integrated Inertial Sensors

Mostafa Kamal Mallick

Master's Thesis

Dropout Prediction in Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based on user data from a therapy platform

Obioma Nwosu

Master's Thesis

Refinement and Usability Analysis of an E-Health Application for Rheumatic Patients as a Complimentary Treatment to Physical Therapy

Paula Kaiser

Master's Thesis

Influence of Social-Evaluative Stress in the Virtual Reality Stroop Room

Philip Stoll

Master's Thesis

Long-Term Automated Behaviour Monitoring of Captive Polar Bears

Rosanna Dietrich-Sußner

Master's Thesis

Continual Learning in Changing Environments in 5G Positioning

Sri Harsha Vadlamudi

Master's Thesis

Exploration and Evaluation of Graph Neural Networks for Urban Anomaly Detection

Stefan Kraft

Master's Thesis

Self-supervised Learning of Monocular Depth Estimation in Crane Environments

Sven Steinkemper

Master's Thesis

Machine Learning for Systems Biology: Data Analysis of IBD Patients’ Microarray Data

Tim Löhr

Master's Thesis

AI Trend Detection in Healthcare by applying Topic Clustering and Sentiment Analysis using Podcast Data

Zhengyuan Liu

Master's Thesis

Disease classification using Eye Tracking and Stereopsis Performance

Érica Fontana Paiva

Master's Thesis

Development of a generalized gait analysis pipeline for homemonitoring of hereditary spastic paraplegia patients

Past Students