DoliMo – Dolphin Monitoring is a project for the Nuremberg Zoo. The goal is to develop an app to make the workflow of evaluating the health status of dolphins in the Nuremberg Zoo as simple and intuitive as possible. The app should make it possible to digitally store all collected data directly on site and to guide the persons step by step through the evaluation. In addition, the app should enable a visualization of the measured data to show possible health changes over time. Ideally, this will provide a good, uniform overview of the many individual factors that play a role in the general well-being of the dolphins, so that any tendencies in the wrong direction can be corrected at an early stage. The function of the app is on the one hand an intuitive step by step guide through the evaluation of the dolphins themselves. And on the other hand, it will help to evaluate the data in order to make analyses and forecasts about the dolphins’ well-being.


Development Team: Constantin Wolff, Daniel Sakarli, Ziqi He, Ishitha Padmaraju, Jagyaseni Das, Andreas Hierl
Scrum Master: Michael Nissen, Philip Stoll

Partner: Nuremberg Zoo