Office Heroes


Many people today sit in the office or home office for hours. Topics such as sufficient exercise, breaks and drinking water often come too close. Added to this is the lack of connection between people from the office and from the home office. Ordinary conversations over coffee breaks are eliminated. It is often difficult to assess when a work colleague is open to a short conversation or not. Depending on a person’s mood, different task complexes are more suitable. For example, it is often interesting to see whether a person is in the mood to take on creative tasks or more analytical tasks. Likewise, the willingness to connect with colleagues is dependent on mood.
The goal of the project is to develop a new dimension of a workplace that offers new possibilities and increases productivity without neglecting the well-being and health of the workforce.


Development Team: Sophie Seidler, Dennie Sommer, Sophie Louise Hauser, Claudia Pfleger, Eduardo Feria, Apurwa Jagtap

Scrum Master: Kai Klede, Michael Nissen

Partner: Datev