Sensor-based movement and sleep analysis in Parkinson’s syndrome (D04)

Acronym: SFB 1483 EmpkinS D04
Project leader: ,
Project members: , ,
Start date: 1. July 2021
End date: 30. June 2025
Funding source: DFG / Sonderforschungsbereich (SFB)



In D04, innovative, non-contact EmpkinS sensor technology using machine learning algorithms and multimodal reference diagnostics is evaluated using the example of Parkinson’s-associated sleep disorder patterns. For this purpose, body function parameters of sleep are technically validated with wearable sensor technology and non-contact EmpkinS sensor technology in comparison to classical poly-somnography and correlated to clinical scales. In an algorithmic approach, multiparametric sleep parameters and sleep patterns are then evalulated in correlation to movement, cardiovascular and sleep phase regulation disorders.