Physical Activity Assessment in Sports

Inertial Sensor-Based Approach for Event Classification in Team Sports

Coaches and players in team sports, e.g. soccer are heavily interested in statistics like number of shots and passes during training sessions. Currently available systems use video or computerized technology to create such statistics and are therefore mainly applicable for elite teams. Thus, the aim is to develop low-cost inertial sensor-based approaches for event classification, which can be used by teams at amateur level.

Classification of Surfaces and Inclinations During Outdoor Running using Shoe-Mounted Inertial Sensors

Embedded mobile systems for analysis and classification become more and more important in the field of sports and sports science.  Small and lightweight sensors in sportswear offer the possibility to monitor the athletes in a realistic environment, e.g.  during an outdoor run.  During the activity, the sportswear can automatically adapt to the current environment and hence optimizes the performance of the athlete. A major need is a running shoe, which can automatically be adapted to the current ground.

Automatic GPS – based Labeling of Kinematic Data

The main focus lies on the examination of kinematic data of outdoor conditions like grass or street. Therefore the kinematic data has to be labeled. The next figure shows the location of the runner in a certain outdoor condition.

Automatic Step Segmentation

An automatic step segmentation approach offers the possibility to examine kinematic data of single steps.

Automatic Classification of Sports Exercises for Training Support

An objective measurement is desired for monitoring parameters of athletes during workouts. Inertial sensors can be applied e.g. for the determination of different exercises in a training session. With such a system, the athlete does not have to write a self-report with the ordering of the performed exercises and can concentrate on the exercise itself. This has the potential to improve the sports performance of athletes.

Your Personal Movie Producer: Generating Highlight Videos in Soccer Using Wearables

Nowadays, soccer videos are highly attractive internationally. Since the value of soccer videos drops after a while, highlights often appear to be more interesting than the whole video sequence. Manually browsing through long soccer videos, selecting highlight scenes, and applying video effects are time-consuming. Automatic approaches are currently based on high-quality TV broadcast material and are therefore mainly applicable for professional teams. The personal low-cost movie producer uses wearables for highlight video production. This movie producer based on wearables is a novel idea to provide amateur players with attractive automatically generated highlight videos.