Project Description:

Observing wildlife in their natural habitat is breathtaking experience. Visiting the zoo, neither adults nor children could remain cold-hearted and untouched by the majesty of the nature. But do you know what is the only obstacle on the way of showing the beauty in its entirety? Advances in technologies now allow not only neglecting any laws of the climate with giraffes walking peacefully in snowy weather but also preserving all safety measures with enclosure fences not being even as high as animals’ height. There is one problem left and that is when our friends from fauna stay inside their dark houses… Children are sad, adults feel the waste of money and animal researchers remain wordless with their lack of observations.

We, as Argus Project, want to accept the challenge of these dark conditions, avoid wires near animals and collect precious video, audio, humidity and temperature data. Our solution sees what is not seen and enables animal keepers with live streams directly from animals’ houses, researchers with steadily observed indicators and visitors with joyful video clips from what usually stays behind the curtain. And this everything in the size of a plum!

Development Team: Richard Dirauf, Svenja Ottawa, Elina Lesyk, Oskar Krampe, Timo Lürkens, Jan Brackenhammer, Maximilian Vogel

Scrum Master: Matthias Zürl, Martin Ullrich

Partner: Tiergarten Nürnberg