Development Team: SPINSON is a project which aims to develop a tool for the inspection of the photovoltaic (PV) systems which are increasingly installed as a source of electricity from the renewable solar energy. These are generally installed on the roof of the buildings or in big fields where a direct good visualization is not possible.

To lower maintenance costs, the employment of an unmanned aerial vehicle as it is a drone, with the fusion of the global positioning system and in combination with computer vision algorithms has allowed to realize a fast detection of defects and electrical anomalies that arise in these PV plants. A graphic interface for this process will allow to show the user and other interested parts the results obtained, where the class of defects detected and the localization of them are englobed.

Development Team: Serop Baghdadlian, Johanna Happold, Franziska Wehner, Michael Jechow, Bouchra Torki, Johannes Bartl, Thi Nga Hoang, Thai Trinh Nam

Scrum Master: Michael Nissen, Nils Roth

Partner: Intego GmbH