This is Pen Mates. At the Innovation Lab, we aim to create more use cases and improve the usability of the BOOKii, a smart pen created by industry partner Tessloff. The BOOKii currently provides a read-out function by tapping text or pictures of Tessloff books, search and knowledge based games, an integrated microphone enabling personal recordings and a bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone app to show videos and further information.

What we provide:

  • well developed, innovative teaching material to improve the quality of a teachers courses
  • basic communication between multiple BOOKii pens to easily distribute files
  • automatized evaluation of audio files, transcribing of audio to text and synthesizing of text to speech to save working time
  • a GUI system with good usability to operate above-mentioned functionalities


Team: Maria Fernanda Garcia Ramirez, Kogan Vladyslav, Michael Wagner, Johanna Kutschenreuther, Silvana Elias Damas, Long Do

Partner: Tessloff

Scrum Master: Martin Ullrich