DailyHeart – A Unobtrusive Cardiac Feedback System for Long Term Monitoring in Healthcare and Sports


DailyHeart is a system for mobile ECG analysis that addresses the whole pipeline from data acquisition over data processing to data visualization. It features a novel low-power data acquisition ECG hardware using Bluetooth Low Energy, and an application for Android-based mobile devices that offers several modes for cardiac feedback, from measuring the current heart rate to continuously monitoring the user’s ECG throughout the day. Furthermore, it incorporates methods for human computer interaction concepts (e.g. smartwatches or Google Glass) to provide cardiac feedback to the user throughout the day, and depending on the current context.

One clinical use case of DailyHeart is the unobtrusive monitoring of the users’ heart rate variability (HRV) by combining it with information on posture changes, e.g. changes from lying down to sitting or standing up. Initial results have shown that multiple measurements throughout the day can already indicate a possible disorder of the autonomous nervous system (e.g. Parkinson's Disease), and thus provide a recommendation of consulting a medical expert.

Screenshots of DailyHeart for Android
Screenshots of DailyHeart for Android Wear