DailyHeart – A Unobtrusive Vertigo Assessment System for Long Term Monitoring in Daily-life Environments

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DailyHeart is a system for vertigo assessment during daily-life activities. It addresses the whole pipeline from data acquisition (via unobtrusive body-worn sensors) over data processing to data visualization and potential feedback (via Android application).

The main idea is to assess the autonomous nervous system (ANS) during the orthostatic reaction, characterized by an increase in heart rate after posture transitions, e.g. from lying or sitting to standing. Whereas the ANS of healthy subjects can easily adapt to these posture changes, people suffering from ANS disorders (e.g. Parkinson’s Disease) experience a considerably heart rate response and a decrease in blood pressure, potentially leading to vertigo and syncope.

Clinical results have shown that multiple measurements throughout the day can already indicate a possible disorder of the ANS. For that reason, DailyHeart aims to transfer the clinical assessment into the home environment by detecting posture changes during daily-life activities and thus trigger an HRV and BP analysis for effectively assessing vertigo and thus provide a recommendation of consulting a medical expert.


Visualization of sensor positions and acquired biosignals
Visualization of orthostatic reaction: Course of heart rate during posture change for a healthy person (blue) and a PD patient (red)
Screenshots of DailyHeart for Android
Screenshots of DailyHeart for Android Wear



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