Project Description:

WaveFlow is focusing on reducing water usage using the intelligent technology of water meters embedded with a forward-looking analyze data algorithm. To be able to aim towards a smart city concept and a Utopian dream we must consider shortening water consumption. Having this as a priority since the water usage reduces the energy required to process and deliver it to homes, businesses, farms, and communities, which, in turn, helps to reduce pollution and conserve fuel resources.

The innovative static water meters are operating on ultrasonic measuring technology. This technology enables accurate calculation of water consumption with long-term stability and eliminates measuring deviations caused by sand, suspended particles, scale, or air pockets. Moreover, it does not require any earthing.

WaveFlow enhances the existing system with an advanced IoT-signal analyzing algorithm which is collecting the data from the field into a systematic and well-organized monitoring framework. Furthermore, it is a tool that analyzes the data with a prediction of problems and causes.

Development Team: Felix Mutter, Denisa Todorache, Patricia Bayer, Ornella Nzolang Tchapda, Florian Prümer, Chirag Pandav

Scrum Master: Johannes Link, Mohamad Wehbi

Partner: Diehl