“An online application to assess and monitor stress levels.”

“Stress In A Box” is a project which aims to develop a tool called “Stress+” that simplifies the existing stress test process. Stress being one of the major problems, it often gets overlooked and plays a negative influence on the overall quality of life. Due to its significant public health concern, the demand for a stress test is increasing rapidly. The basic idea behind this project is to overcome the limitations of existing stress test which requires a lot of time, assistance and effort. Stress+ is a user-friendly tool that allows the participants to take the stress test with their own devices, anytime, anywhere. Based on the Montreal Imaging Stress Task (MIST) protocol, this app sets up a challenging environment that induces the psychological stress level of the participants by allowing them to take a mental arithmetic test which is supported by stress-inducing factors like time constraints, scores, feedback etc. And the results are shared to doctors which aids them to diagnose and plan any further treatment. Stress+ application is also designed for doctors, physiotherapist, sports psychologist, stress counsellors and health insurance organisations to assist their process.


Development Team: Jonas Schüll, Thea Vogel, Antonia Ohlmann, Abinaya Aravindan, Carlos Alberto, Perez Molano

Scrum Master: Michael Nissen, Matthias Zürl

Partner: Lehrstuhl für Gesundheitspsychologie