Project Description:

Rheumatism is affecting all ages, social backgrounds, and professions and includes several, often chronic conditions affecting the joints or the connective tissue. Chronic-inflammatory diseases are grouped as spondyloarthropathies. Characteristics of this disease are the occurrence at the spine and the sacroiliac joint (spondylitis) as well as at the peripheral joints (arthropathy).

The state-of-the-art diagnostics and severeness classification of the disease are based on measurements, a blood test, and a questionnaire regarding pain and limiting mobility in daily living. Especially the measurements are important since they are as well used to document the improvement of the patient’s mobility after treatment. Those measurements are performed following the BASMI procedure using a measuring tape. Due to the manually performed measurement and subjective influences of the doctor, the results can differ quite severely.

Therefore, a standardized measuring tool is required. One possibility could be the Tesla suit. This suit is built by VR Electronics Ltd (London, UK) and is a full-body haptic feedback system, consisting of a smart textile two-piece bodysuit. The electro-stimulation provides the user with sensation and a sense of touch. A built-in biometrics system can monitor multiple vital data signals and can perform motion capture using internal motion capture sensors.

Development Team: Souranil Kahali, Cem Karatastan, Rebecca Lennartz, Aziz Mirzayev, Niloufar Ramezanzadegan, Ambika Sudhakar, Nico Weber

Scrum Master: Misha Sadeghi, Alzhraa Ahmed

Partner: Universitätsklinikum Erlangen