Myositis is a muscle inflammation with different severity for patients. In today’s world each patient has to go to the doctor once every three months, where they are tested to monitor the course of the disease. But this is not the optimal way, because it is hard to provide the best treatment if you only see your patients four times a year. So the goal of Myonitor is to provide meaningful support to patients, suffering from myositis and their doctors. We want to develop an app, so that patients can do all the test, for which they previously had to go to the doctor, at home. The app tracks the success of the test, so the patients can see the course of the disease and talk to their doctors if needed. With another feature of the app the patients will be able to share their test results with their doctor, who then can provide a deeper analysis and discuss further treatment.


Development Team: Chao Luo, Adeola Ajala, Johannes-Sebastian See, Karin Göcke, Alexander Weiß, Hendrik Seyda

Scrum Master: Marlies Nitschke (M. Sc.), Alzhraa Ahmed (M. Sc.)

Partner: Rheumatologie