Trees play a significant role in the overall sustainability of our planet. But due to the increasing fluctuations in temperature as well as inadequate watering strategies, hundreds of trees die every year. Especially in growing cities, it is a big challenge to come up with precise measures for keeping the trees healthy. In the current scenario, the people responsible for watering these trees start their day by choosing a random spot and then going around the city. But regardless of their hard work, many trees are left unwatered. And oftentimes the main challenge still remains, which is to know the exact quantity of water an individual tree needs to thrive. Even with the advent of AI and the large amount of data available, there is no solution to this problem.

In order to solve this, there is a need for a data-driven system that can be used to make decisions. Therefore, in this project, a combination of soil and weather conditions in a tree’s neighbourhood, gathered through various sensors is leveraged for early tracking of potential risks to a tree’s health. Alongside that, we are making an effort to predict the amount of water that a tree requires to stay healthy and to maintain adequate moisture levels in its soil, which can then be used later by authorities to take precise measures to save the risk-prone trees.


Development Team: Azeem Ur Rehman, Fatemeh Salimiboroujeni, Martin Reimer, Ronald Gate, Soham Ekbote, Sheraz Ahmad, Vishaal Saravanan, Yugashree Chaudhari
Scrum Master: Misha Sadeghi, Thomas Maier

Partner: Agvolution