Modules for Telemedicine Systems


Wearable body sensors have become an important basis for today’s medical and fitness applications. To assist athletes or to take care of elderly people in everyday life situations, sensor data can be collected and processed to give helpful feedback. However, the data collection process of multiple or different sensor systems still had to be done manually by the user or an expert, which usually takes a lot of time and can lead to errors.



In this project we develop embedded data collection and communication modules, which can automatically acquire data from various wired and wireless sensors (e.g. via USB or Bluetooth®). The obtained data can be cached, preprocessed and transmitted to a specified central server using LAN, Wi-Fi or GMS/GPRS. Through unified expansion slots, additional communication devices and more powerful embedded computer modules (e.g. a BeagleBone—® can be extended to handle many different sensor systems, which force more complex communication protocols) can be added. Moreover, wired sensors can be charged through appropriate circuits. Those modules operate without any input settings and special knowledge by the user.