Our collaborative initiative with RE-INvent Retail GmbH is all about improving the online shopping experience. The company currently offers a staggering 8 million products, but only 10% of these products receive any significant attention, leaving a substantial 90% overlooked. With 1.7 million monthly visitors and 3.4 million product views, it’s evident that there’s substantial room for enhancing product discoverability and user engagement.

The “discov” team, spearheading this endeavor, is set to employ sophisticated technology, including machine learning models and artificial intelligence, to revamp the company’s search engine. Picture a search experience where the engine intuitively understands and anticipates your needs, almost as if it’s reading your mind. We’ll explore a range of cutting-edge machine learning models, such as neural networks and deep learning techniques, to ensure search relevance and refine product recommendations. In addition, we will leverage AI methods, including natural language processing and sentiment analysis, to comprehend user queries and deliver tailored results.
Our ultimate objective is to maximize customer satisfaction, significantly increase user engagement, and transform the search engine into a powerful tool that benefits both RE-INvent Retail GmbH and its diverse customer base.

Development Team: David Julian, Sayef Ali, Muhammad Talha, Anisha Bhandare, Diganto Deb
Scrum Master: Simon Dietz, Jonas Müller

You Tube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECKado1B8Hw