A mature and smart evacuation management system is crucial in case of emergencies. With the advent and recent progress in IoT ( Internet of things ), the demand for such systems is ever-increasing. A properly placed system capable of a safe evacuation strategy can save many people’s lives. During the emergency condition lack of knowledge about building, panic, and chaos can result in unwanted and dangerous outcomes. To counter these events, “Extegy – Find your way” leads the individuals as well as groups to the nearest exit in a safe and quick manner. Monitoring of the evacuation is done in real-time using the application ” Crowd Control “. The monitoring process and access to user location also make it possible to provide help for those who are stuck.


Development Team: Anikendu Bose, Sampanna Pahi, Markus Goller, Shamraiz Ashraf, Daniel Luge, Julia Yip, Sebastian Dörrich

Scrum Master: Mohamad Wehbi, Maike Stöve

Partner: Siemens