Almost all coworking spaces have to deal with missing tools, overbooked machines and moderate mess at workplaces. Therefore, it is the challenge to change the way of sharing and organising tools, materials and other equipment.
CoSy, the smart solution for Coworking Systems brings order and material recording into your coworking space, fixing the previous mentioned problems. The intelligent shelving system allows you to track the movement of tools and materials. Additionally, usage statistics of machines, such as 3D-printers or CNC milling machines, can be provided. This includes usage tracking and access permission to the tool and material storage. The System is accessible by monitors on site or web, build on a central optimized Database.
Our product is adaptable to different environments due to its modularity and easy handling. Therefore, it is suitable for small to medium companies as well as for enterprises.
Our goal is it to make material sharing easier. We want to provide a modular complete system for the material administration, which optimizes processes and increases the productivity.



Partner: MaD Lab

Scrum Master: Nils Roth