Many (temporarily) disabled people need to use a bedpan at some period in their lives . Those pans are not only used in hospitals but also in nursing homes. Unfortunately, the bedpan has not been updated since the mid-20th century. The only improvement has been  changing the product material from steel to plastic. Now is the time to bring some changes to this product. Our project, “OuiPan” ,is to make the bedpan “smart”.  This will help many patients preserve wounds, which they tend to get because of using the bedpan for too long, or if the bedpan is placed incorrectly. The main goal of the project is to get rid of these limitations while also facilitating  easier workflow for hospitals and nursing homes.

Our team’s motivation is to improve the lives of patients and the working environment of nurses and caregivers. The concept of the smart bedpan allows patients to receive more comfort during their stay at the hospital or nursing home.  In the future, we also plan to develop a smartphone app where nurses and caretakers can receive information about the pan’s usage and content in the pan.

Development team: Daria Dmitrieva, Christoph Daube, Ryshum Ali, Simon Rami Souleyman

Scrum Master: Maike Stöve, Marlies Nitschke

Partner: MIT media lab