Camera calibration is the process of estimating camera parameters such as orientation and position. These parameters can be used to determine the relationship between 3D points in the real world with the corresponding 2D projections in a captured image. Using these relationships, the position and orientation of bodies or objects can be accurately tracked in sports and other applications.

The project builds on an existing object detection and camera calibration pipeline. Our goal is to implement a desktop application that allows for easy use of the calibration software. The user interface will be designed to allow less technical users to perform the calibration. It will also contain information about the calibration’s success and more precise parameters that can be useful for technical specialists. In addition to the development of this user interface, the existing object detection and camera calibration pipeline will be optimized.


Development Team: Arun Sai Thunga, Janina Kloos, John Hernandez, Ram Saran Kakumanu, Stacy Huerta
Scrum Master: Johannes Link, Thomas Maier

Partner: Swiss Timing