Stark – ARchitecture

Project description:

The STARK project was established to visualize blueprints in an augmented reality and to implement the functionality of adjusting different components in the model.

This project aims to make life easier for architects, whose clients are often unable to accurately visualize the look of buildings only on the basis of a 2D drawing. The STARK group is developing an application that makes it possible to transfer 3D plans to a Microsoft HoloLens. Customers can then view the building through the HoloLens, and even make minor changes to the plan – such as shifting a window or resizing a door. The changes can be monitored via a live stream running on a PC within the vicinity of the HoloLens, giving multiple people access to the same visual.




from left to bottom right: Sebastian Rietsch, Richard Marcus, Tobias Langen, Anna-Lena Böhm, Konstantin Krüger, Markus Zrenner,  Alexis (Gräßel Architekten)



Development Team: Anna-Lena Böhm, Konstantin Knobloch, Tobias Langen, Sebastian Rietsch, Richard Marcus

Scrum Master: Markus Zrenner

Partner: Gräßel ARCHITEKTEN