This project aims to develop a user-friendly web or app platform for the cultural sector, including theatre, museums, orchestras, and galleries, to display event dates and information accurately. An algorithm will convert provided files into events, and users can filter events and receive personalized recommendations based on their preferences. A team of developers, designers, and data analysts will collaborate to create a robust platform that meets the needs of the culture industry and its users.

The platform will not only benefit end-users but will also help cultural organizers reach a broader audience. By providing a centralized platform for event information, cultural organizers can increase visibility and attendance for their events. The platform will also offer a convenient way for organizers to update and manage event information, reducing the workload on their end.


Development Team: Mahmoud Almizel, Ghulam Mustafa, Rakhi Patel, Vamsi Krishna Chalampalem, Malvika Shirke
Scrum Master: Kai Klede, Simon Dietz

Partner: Agentur Bingo