The core goal of this project is to provide a system to monitor stock in real-time and derived from that, the possibility to connect it with a promptly updateable ordering system to refill the inventory.

So, in general the necessary steps are:

  • Detection of objects (here containers), where in each a specific type and amount of good is stored,
  • Tracking of hand-movement,
  • And deriving withdrawal in matters of time and allocated container.

Therefore, the following resources are needed:

  • Camera and mounting system which can be adjusted to fit the individual storage system of each customer.
  • Software and interface to match either with an existing smart storage & ordering system or an equivalent third-party system.

Possible applications range from workshops of all sorts to storage services, private homes, hospitals and postal services for example.


Development Team: Felix Weber, Benedikt Straßner, Alban Tchuinkou, Jan Gawellek

Scrum Master: Martin Ullrich, Philipp Schlieper

Partner: Ambos