Ilija Borodin

Ilija Borodin

Bachelor's Thesis

Modeling regional relationships – an automated network-based website analysis

Philipp Dumbach (M.Sc.)Julian Boha, Prof. Dr. Björn Eskofier

11/2018 – 04/2019

Introduction to why this topic is so interesting and why there should be additional research, with references to current work. A wide-range of studies were conducted to present the relevance of a regional collaboration. Accordingly, firms embedded in networks can leverage their external environment to achieve better innovative output (Shan et al., 1994). Though regional networks and partnerships do exist, the awareness of such a network is not equally shared between its actors. An automated approach to find/describe actors/members of a given regional ecosystem would help to create awareness of such and help to discover new potential regional ecosystems/networks/partners.

Explain the goals and required major steps to conduct the research in this thesis topic with references. The main goal is to find actors of a given ecosystem and to model their relationship in an automated way. The necessary major steps include the website analysis of a given focal actor of an ecosystem, outlining the partners and automating the process. Further major step is to display the results of the relationship in a network graph.


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