ID 2345: Course Website Development

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Student Assistant Job

For the two courses Machine Learning for Engineers I and II we aim to provide an innovative learning platform that helps young students understand machine learning interactively. To support us, we are looking for a web developer familiar with React and with some background in Python programming.

All applications should attach proof of proficiency in React and Python, e.g., in the form of certificates or successful past projects in those languages. Incomplete applications may be deleted with no further response.

Job description

  • Development of a website that teaches Python basics interactively in the browser (using Pyodide)
  • Development of React components with interactive visualizations of machine learning concepts, e.g., convolutions
  • Development of a competition website for machine learning challenges
  • Development of tooling to automatically evaluate Python code/notebooks using, e.g., unit tests

Your profile

  • Proficiency in web development using JavaScript (Node.js and React)
  • Some knowledge of Python and machine learning libraries (scikit-learn and PyTorch)
  • Willingness to familiarize yourselves with new libraries and to work through various bugs
  • Very good German and excellent English language skills


Payment will be made according to the remuneration rates of part-time assistants at the FAU with 9 weekly working hours (typically 12€ w/o bachelor’s and 13€ w/ bachelor’s degree).


Thomas Altstidl, M. Sc.

Researcher & PhD Candidate


Please use the application form to apply for the topic. We will then get in contact with you.