Join Our Workshop at MuC 2023!

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Calling all researchers passionate about healthcare data!

Join us at our workshop, “Your Health, Your Data: Combining Interdisciplinary Views, Concepts, and Practices to Empower Patients in Their Engagement With Personal Health Data,” held at the ‘Mensch und Computer 2023’ in September in beautiful Rapperswil, Switzerland.

Our interactive workshop aims to foster insightful discussions and exploration of the complex relationship between individuals and their health data from an interaction perspective. Together we want to identify current challenges and opportunities to pave the way for future research.

Why Attend?

  • Engage in thought-provoking discussions with leading experts in the field of healthcare data.
  • Network with individuals who share your passion for harnessing the potential of health data.
  • Acquire practical knowledge and strategies for future health data interaction

Learn more about the workshop:

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