Your Health – Your Data

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Mensch und Computer (MuC) 2023, 3. – 6. September

OST Ostschweizer Fachhochschule Campus Rapperswil am Zürichsee, Schweiz


Your Health – Your Data: Combining Interdisciplinary Views, Concepts and Practices to Empower Patients in Their Engagement With Personal Health Data

Workshop outline

The collection and use of personal data is increasing and new developments in Big Data Analytics allow for innovative applications. Recent developments in healthcare, such as the proposal of the European Health Data Space, point towards a more data-driven future of diagnostics and therapy.  These developments lead to new challenges, especially in how to design interaction between individuals and their personal health data. With this proposed workshop, we want to stimulate discussion about these challenges from the interaction perspective and critically ask where our health data should lie in the future and who will be owning it.


Workshop contents

Our vision for the discourse about how individuals will interact with personal health data in the future is to consider where this data resides and who will be in charge of it. During the workshop, we want to enable a discussion about how to empower patients to interact with their personal health data and control it through data autonomy and ownership, adequate privacy and security measures, and finally, an understanding of opportunities for creating personal value. We will concentrate on the following three pillars:

  • Data Autonomy and Ownership
  • Data Privacy and Information Security
  • Meaningful Use and Sustainable Benefits


Who is this workshop for?

We welcome researchers, students, and practitioners from different backgrounds. We expect that participants with all different levels of experience in health data interaction can contribute since the workshop topic relates to a wide variety of people not only in the professional environment but in the personal environment as well. This workshop will especially benefit from this variety by including all kinds of viewpoints and different stakeholders already in the discussion.


How is this workshop organized?

This workshop is organized as a half-day event by an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional expert group:

  1.  A brief presentation about the topic and process of the workshop by the organizers
  2. Group discussions on the proposed sub-topics
  3. Guest Talk by Prof. Dr. Susanne Boll
  4. Development of research concepts to address the identified research gaps
  5. Pitches of the generated ideas


How can I attend?

You can attend by registering through the MuC Website. Registration is open for everyone, no submission required.



Organizers and Committee

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