New journal paper published at MDPI Animals

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We are proud to announce MaD Labs’ first ACI (Animal-Computer-Interaction) paper  🎉🐻‍❄️

Every institution that keeps animals under human care must ensure animal welfare. To analyze the state of an animal, various measurements can be performed, such as blood analysis or fur condition scoring. They also need to be observed as often as possible to gain further insight into their behavior. Such observations are performed manually in most cases, which makes them very labor- and time-intensive and prevents them from being performed on a continual basis. We present a camera-based framework that provides automated observation of animals. The system detects individual animals and analyzes their locations, walking paths, and activity. We test the framework on the two polar bears of the Nuremberg Zoo.

Congratulations to all authors!

Zuerl, M.; Stoll, P.; Brehm, I.; Raab, R.; Zanca, D.; Kabri, S.; Happold, J.; Nille, H.; Prechtel, K.; Wuensch, S.; Krause, M.; Seegerer, S.; von Fersen, L.; Eskofier, B. Automated Video-Based Analysis Framework for Behavior Monitoring of Individual Animals in Zoos Using Deep Learning—A Study on Polar Bears. Animals 2022, 12, 692.