In today’s dynamic workplace, maximizing office space is essential. With our sensor-based technology, designed to track and display real-time table occupation data, SiTY improves workplace management, all while protecting user privacy. This solution not only ensures the efficient use of office facilities but also enhances convenience for all users. Its intuitive interface and real-time data enable employees to easily find available desks, reducing the stress of searching for or being stranded without a workplace. At the same time, no personal data is gathered, as SiTY only tracks whether a desk is occupied – but not by whome. Furthermore, through optimizing office space utilization, our solution contributes to a more sustainable workplace by reducing energy consumption and the need for additional real estate. SiTY empowers companies to adapt to the evolving demands of the modern office environment, fostering a productive, agile, and employee-friendly workspace that ensures that everybody finds their spot.

Development Team: Annabel Ruf, Divakara Mankalale Prashanth, Laura Michnick, Faheem Shah Umer Vattam Kandathil, Bilal Asghar Aziz, Khalil Umer Acharath Parakkatmutteri, Govardhan Bali
Scrum Master: Thomas Maier

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