Jiating Ye

Jiating Ye

Master's Thesis

Validation of an IMU-based motion analysis framework for the assessment of change-of-direction movements

Prof. Dr. Anne Koelewijn, Marlies Nitschke, M.Sc., Prof. Dr. Maurice Mohr, Prof. Dr. Peter Federolf

07 / 2022 – 03 / 2023

Knee injuries such as ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are common during sports that require fast change-of-direction (COD) movements such as sidestepping and pivoting during soccer, basketball, handball, and related sports (1). Consequently, there is a plethora of studies to investigate COD movement strategies and the associated biomechanical loads to differentiate between riskier and safer COD movement strategies and identify targets for preventative training (2). The large majority of those studies, however, analyzed COD movements in controlled laboratory environments, in which participants are sidestepping into pre-planned movement directions without external stimuli or interaction with other players. This leads to the concern that the knowledge generated from such laboratory studies may not translate to COD movements on the playing field, which are heavily influenced by the coupling of the players’ perception of their environment and the resulting action (3). Therefore, the successful assessment and training of COD movement strategies to reduce the risk for ACL injuries requires assessment frameworks that are ecological validity, i.e. a framework that closely resembles the real-world playing environment of the athletes. Such a framework critically depends on motion analysis systems that are wearable, minimally obstructive for the player but can still provide accurate and reliable information regarding joint movement and loading during COD movements.

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