New Team Member: Arijana Bohr

Arijana Bohr

Arijana joins us for AI in medicine research.

Her academic journey began at FAU Erlangen, where she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mathematics. Simultaneously, she gained valuable industry experience as a working student at Siemens Energy, focusing on the Internet of Things and Edge technologies. Transitioning to the Fraunhofer Institute, she joined the Data Science department, where her research included investigating uncertainties in time series forecasts generated by neural networks. For her master’s thesis, Arijana explored distributional robustness, a tool in mathematical optimization for managing uncertainty with a focus on Parkinson’s Disease. Arijana’s keen curiosity and interests in medicine, fueled by volunteering at the Red Cross and her internship at the Fürth clinic studying Parkinson’s Disease, combined with her passion for mathematics and computer science, make her a great candidate for a PhD in AI for medicine research.

Welcome aboard, Arijana!