MaD success at IEEE BHI conference!

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Two weeks ago, we presented our research at this year’s IEEE Biomedical and Health Informatics Conference (BHI ’23) ( in Pittsburgh, USA!
The conference was a full success for the MaD Lab. In total, we were part of five contributions:
  • Robert Richer presented the paper “Exploring the Capabilities of a Language Model-Only Approach for Depression Detection in Text Data” on behalf of the co-authors Misha Sadeghi, Bernhard Egger, Reza Agahi, Klara Capito, Lydia Rupp, Lena Schindler-Gmelch, Matthias Berking, and Bjoern Eskofier.
  • Marie Oesten presented the paper “VoStress – Voice-based Detection of Acute Psychosocial Stress” on behalf of the co-authors Robert Richer, Luca Abel, Nicolas Rohleder, and Bjoern Eskofier.
  • Ann-Kristin Seifer presented the paper “Improving the Robustness of IMU-based Sit-To-Stand Detection during Simulated Real-World Activities for Different Sensor Positions” on behalf of the co-authors Friederike Popp, Robert Richer, Heiko Gaßner, and Bjoern Eskofier.
  • Johanna Bräunig (LHFT) presented the paper “Radar-based Recognition of Activities of Daily Living in the Palliative Care Context Using Deep Learning” on behalf of the co-authors Desar Mejdani, Daniel Krauss, Stefan Griesshammer, Robert Richer, Christian Schuessler, Julia Yip, Tobias Steigleder, Christoph Ostgathe, Bjoern Eskofier, and Martin Vossiek.


The IEEE BHI conference is the primary technical conference on informatics and computing in healthcare and life sciences of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS). Of over 300 submissions, only 23% of papers got accepted and only 12% of papers were accepted for oral presentation. Winning awards in this competitive conference is a huge achievement and underscores the amazing research conducted within EmpkinS. Congratulations, you did a great job!